Slumber is out on Google Play!

Slumber is out on Google Play!

Hey everyone,

We hope that the year is starting out great for you!

We have some GREAT news: Slumber is finally released as an Open alpha on Google Play! Get access to the game using this link.

Let’s talk about the future. The Slumber team consists of four third-year students at Uppsala University, and during this spring we will all be very busy with the courses that we are currently enrolled in. Therefore the updates on this blog will be fewer for a while, but we will still want to keep in touch with you so check out our Facebook page for more frequent blubs!

And finally: Do you want to see jellyfish in Slumber? Or perhaps you would like to be able to change the colour of the Nudibranch? We are very eager to hear what you think about Slumber, and if you have any suggestions that you want to see implemented in the game. You are more than welcome to comment on this post, or write your suggestions to us on our Facebook page Slumber – the Sleep game.

Much love,

//Evelina & the Slumber team

Holiday update on Slumber

Hey fish friends!

DreamDust has been hard at work in preparation for the latest version of Slumber. Check out the screenshots below!

  • The level is now more decorated, and has distinct areas that you can recognize and use to localize yourself in the game world. No two places look the same!
  • New for this version is that the game reminds you when it is time to go to sleep. This way, you get a better chance to go to sleep when you want to.
  • We have a shiny new menu system where you can pause the game, read a little bit about it, and also change the notification time. Here  you can also fill out our feedback forms so it’s even easier than before.
  • We have also implemented nightly lock-ups, so that you get to explore new content several nights. Oh happy day.. …errr, night!

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new version! It should be out later today for those of you who have subscribed to our playtest (which you can STILL do here by the way). Happy holidays and sleep well 🙂

// Evelina & The Slumber team


Hello everyone!!

Development update: new build on the way, Comic Con/ GameX visited.

We are working on new features and improving the game to give you more to experience and enjoy. There are fish schools that you can interact with, feed or pet them to make them happy or just watch them swim around. Following them through the game world and just drift into sleep.

Comic Con/GameX

Thanks to everyone who visited us during GameX and played the game, hope you all had fun. We really appreciate the feedback and we will continue to make the game even more awesome. If you did not get the chance to play the game try it here.

Until next time keep on slumbering little (s)nappers.


GameConnection and Comic Con/GameX

Back from Game Connection

Thanks to everyone who met us at Game Connection last week! We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to talk to so many different people from all over the world. We had meetings with publishers, received great feedback on our game and made some new indie developer friends.

So fun and inspiring to see that others are curious and excited about Slumber!


We’re also going to Comic Con/GameX this weekend. So come and meet Erik and Emil who is bringing Slumber. Make sure to pass by and try out the game, ask some questions or just come by and socialize!

See you there!



Website, closed beta, and GameConnection

Hello fishies, how have you been?

We’ve been busy breams the past weeks. As a result of that, our shining new webpage is up and running! You can find it on – swim over there to check it out!

We are now inviting you to join our closed beta. That’s going to be a great opportunity if you would like to test Slumber and have a say in where it should be heading next. You will get emails every other week, as well as continous updates on new Slumber builds this autumn.

We are also going to Game connection in Paris at the end of October, so come by the Uppsala University booth if you want to hang out with us! See you there!


The S(l)umm(b)er that was and the autumn that follows

Hey everyone and welcome back to the Slumber dev blog, whoop!

After the eight weeks of Big Game Project that you can read about in previous posts, we successfully exhibited Slumber at the Gotland Game Conference at Wisby Strand, and we had a proper blast! Our playtesters each got handed a tablet with Slumber on it and a pair of headphones, as well as a spot on the sofa where they could relax and play with some fish. This is to give the players a feel of how it’s like to actually play Slumber, at home in their bed or sofa, instead of at the busy showfloor where it would be very hard to relax and enjoy Slumber. Below you can see some pictures of our cozy fish cave!


Pictures from Gotland Game Coference 2016.

In the summer that followed we went to GDC Cologne and Gamescom to connect with awesome people, and in September we visited Invest in Games and represented at the Uppsala University – Tokyo Tech Joint Symposium, which was a little bit crazy and a lot of fun.

We have a few announcements to make!

Firstly, we welcome Isak Ekedahl into the development team! Isak is a programmer who will be working with us during the autumn, and you can read his blog here. At the same time we wave our fins goodbye to Sebastian and thank him for his work with Slumber during the spring.

Secondly, we are currently working on getting a splashing fresh version of Slumber out into the world! We will be looking for people who would like to test Slumber and provide their input on it, so that we can make Slumber the best it can be. If that sounds interesting to you, stay tuned as we will soon be announcing where to sign up for this!

And lastly, we will be going to Games connection in Paris in October, so hit us up if you want to hang out with us there!


That’s all for this time, sweet dreams! //Evelina

Week 6


This week, we have been focusing on fleshing out the explore mode further by creating a whole new level based on the previous feedback recieved. We have also iterated on the GUI and created new interactable environments for the player to discover.

We’ve also been re-coding our fish AI to properly support the breadth of variety of behaviours we want fishes to exhibit in the future. This did set the AI back a bit considering we’re recoding it in a whole new framework, hopefully we’ll be able to regain the time loss through easier bugtesting and documentation consistency instead.

Have some pictures!

Except for working on explore, we have also spent a lot of time implementing the sleep loop, a system that rewards consistent sleeping as well as daily play by giving the player new content for sleeping each day.


The player generated Dream Dust by sleeping, which in turn creates new fishes to befriend 🙂

This week’s blogs;

Evelina writes about the creation of Slumber’s logo

Sebastian writes about the fishes  role within Slumber, and how to make them fulfill that role

aaand once again the rest of the team was too busy making videogames to blog 😉

That’d be all for this week! We are now closing in on the last two weeks of development before showing our vertical slice to the world! While the final week will completely go towards polishing the game, we plan on spending the next week on implementing a new friendhsip UI and polishing the sleep reward screen as well as implementing fish friendships completely.

Until next time!