Slumber is out on Google Play!

Slumber is out on Google Play!

Hey everyone,

We hope that the year is starting out great for you!

We have some GREAT news: Slumber is finally released as an Open alpha on Google Play! Get access to the game using this link.

Let’s talk about the future. The Slumber team consists of four third-year students at Uppsala University, and during this spring we will all be very busy with the courses that we are currently enrolled in. Therefore the updates on this blog will be fewer for a while, but we will still want to keep in touch with you so check out our Facebook page for more frequent blubs!

And finally: Do you want to see jellyfish in Slumber? Or perhaps you would like to be able to change the colour of the Nudibranch? We are very eager to hear what you think about Slumber, and if you have any suggestions that you want to see implemented in the game. You are more than welcome to comment on this post, or write your suggestions to us on our Facebook page Slumber – the Sleep game.

Much love,

//Evelina & the Slumber team