Hello everyone!!

Development update: new build on the way, Comic Con/ GameX visited.

We are working on new features and improving the game to give you more to experience and enjoy. There are fish schools that you can interact with, feed or pet them to make them happy or just watch them swim around. Following them through the game world and just drift into sleep.

Comic Con/GameX

Thanks to everyone who visited us during GameX and played the game, hope you all had fun. We really appreciate the feedback and we will continue to make the game even more awesome. If you did not get the chance to play the game try it here.

Until next time keep on slumbering little (s)nappers.


GameConnection and Comic Con/GameX

Back from Game Connection

Thanks to everyone who met us at Game Connection last week! We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to talk to so many different people from all over the world. We had meetings with publishers, received great feedback on our game and made some new indie developer friends.

So fun and inspiring to see that others are curious and excited about Slumber!


We’re also going to Comic Con/GameX this weekend. So come and meet Erik and Emil who is bringing Slumber. Make sure to pass by and try out the game, ask some questions or just come by and socialize!

See you there!