The S(l)umm(b)er that was and the autumn that follows

Hey everyone and welcome back to the Slumber dev blog, whoop!

After the eight weeks of Big Game Project that you can read about in previous posts, we successfully exhibited Slumber at the Gotland Game Conference at Wisby Strand, and we had a proper blast! Our playtesters each got handed a tablet with Slumber on it and a pair of headphones, as well as a spot on the sofa where they could relax and play with some fish. This is to give the players a feel of how it’s like to actually play Slumber, at home in their bed or sofa, instead of at the busy showfloor where it would be very hard to relax and enjoy Slumber. Below you can see some pictures of our cozy fish cave!


Pictures from Gotland Game Coference 2016.

In the summer that followed we went to GDC Cologne and Gamescom to connect with awesome people, and in September we visited Invest in Games and represented at the Uppsala University – Tokyo Tech Joint Symposium, which was a little bit crazy and a lot of fun.

We have a few announcements to make!

Firstly, we welcome Isak Ekedahl into the development team! Isak is a programmer who will be working with us during the autumn, and you can read his blog here. At the same time we wave our fins goodbye to Sebastian and thank him for his work with Slumber during the spring.

Secondly, we are currently working on getting a splashing fresh version of Slumber out into the world! We will be looking for people who would like to test Slumber and provide their input on it, so that we can make Slumber the best it can be. If that sounds interesting to you, stay tuned as we will soon be announcing where to sign up for this!

And lastly, we will be going to Games connection in Paris in October, so hit us up if you want to hang out with us there!


That’s all for this time, sweet dreams! //Evelina