Week 6


This week, we have been focusing on fleshing out the explore mode further by creating a whole new level based on the previous feedback recieved. We have also iterated on the GUI and created new interactable environments for the player to discover.

We’ve also been re-coding our fish AI to properly support the breadth of variety of behaviours we want fishes to exhibit in the future. This did set the AI back a bit considering we’re recoding it in a whole new framework, hopefully we’ll be able to regain the time loss through easier bugtesting and documentation consistency instead.

Have some pictures!

Except for working on explore, we have also spent a lot of time implementing the sleep loop, a system that rewards consistent sleeping as well as daily play by giving the player new content for sleeping each day.


The player generated Dream Dust by sleeping, which in turn creates new fishes to befriend 🙂

This week’s blogs;

Evelina writes about the creation of Slumber’s logo

Sebastian writes about the fishes  role within Slumber, and how to make them fulfill that role

aaand once again the rest of the team was too busy making videogames to blog 😉

That’d be all for this week! We are now closing in on the last two weeks of development before showing our vertical slice to the world! While the final week will completely go towards polishing the game, we plan on spending the next week on implementing a new friendhsip UI and polishing the sleep reward screen as well as implementing fish friendships completely.

Until next time!