Alpha weeks!

Hi everyone!

We had our alpha this thursday!

For the past two weeks, we have been focusing on fleshing out and adding all of the features on Slumbers  Explore mode. In explore the player gets to swim around, collect algae and socialize with other fishies.

As a result of this we’ve been busy adding a new level, fish AI, encironment assets, a new befriend system, and a bunch of other stuff.

Have some pictures!

Here are this week’s blog from our team;

Sebastian talks about the FOOD LOOP!
How it used to work, how it changed, and how other aspects of the game changed when it changed.

…the rest of the team was too busy creating videogames to blog! Oh well! Maybe next week 🙂

Next week, we are further expanding our fish AI to allow the player to actually befriend them and creating a new level to explore, along with interactable environments and the first iterations of a system that rewards player sleep.

Until next time!




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