Welcome one and all to the official Dream Dust team blog, and to what will be the Nudibranch(working title) development diary. 

We are making a prototype of Nudibranch in eight weeks, let’s do this!


Who are you people?

We are five game design students!

Two programmers, two graphical artists, and one designer. We spend our days making games in a makeshift office set up in our school.

So what are you making?

We are making Slumber! In short, Slumber is a smartphone game designed to help the player sleep better. The game is designed to be played during the evening before going to bed. 

We plan to do this by providing the user with a safe environment to relax and have fun in, and by also rewarding consistent sleeping routines by giving the player new content for sleeping. 

You play as a Nudibranch, a tiny seaslug found in sea environments. You mostly swim around in the ocean, collect algae, and interact with other creatures of the sea. Over time you become better and better friends with the creatures of the sea, and develop friendships that has fishes following around and accompanying you on your journey.

In short, it’s explorative gameplay without any real dangers.

Nudibranch core loop

How far have you gotten?

We are currently at the end of week two of production. We are planning to have our first prototype finished after eight weeks total, so that’s six weeks from now.

So far we have spent a lot of time creating a backlog, defining our artstyle, performing various technical tests, building the base for the game, and documenting the design in a document.

Today, we pushed out our first prototype featuring basic movement, a rough visual overview, fishes with AI, algae to collect, and a food spawning drag-and-drop interface.


What will be written here?

This is our official dev blog! Each Friday, I (Sebastian) will update it with a general post on what we’ve been up to, and link to each team member’s blog to show what they’ve been doing.

Our approach to this project is to test things, see how they work, and iterate based on that. From what we’ve sen there’s no other sleeping games out there, so this is a new field to explore for us.

That’s all for this week. See you soon!




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