Food, emotions, achoo!


This week, almost the whole team got hit pretty hard with a cold, slowing down the work pace quite a bit. Being sick is pretty bad, but being sick when you’re under a tight schedule is even worse. This sort of thing happens though, and luckily we have sort of more or less planned for it!


Here’s some of our individual blogs..

Keep you eyes peeled on these blogs are they are updated weekly with content related to each team members field!

..Aside from that, here’s an overview of week three! 


First of all, we have been working on getting a food system into the game where the player can pick up algaes, convert them to food, and feed fishes with said food. Food is the main way to improve your realtionships with your fishes so we felt that it was important to get that done. As of nowthe food system is roughly done, it does need some feedback though!

Emil also managed to squeeze in a food combination system that combines food into new kinds of food if the player so desires.


We also added texture and emotions to one of our fishes, mostly to test it! Here’s a fish quietly regarding the player.


Our Nubi also had an overhaul. The mesh was updated and polished upon, the animations redone to be more believable, and a new texture almost finished. I’ll throw in some pictures of that as soon as the texture is done!:)


We’ve also iterated upon our virtual joystick by having it be more sensitive and react to the screen size and resolution. Should feel better to use now!


That’s all for this week!

Until next time!


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